Please support our Crowdfunder campaign to help beat
lock down isolation.

Isolation and loneliness are a major challenges during the current pandmeic, especially for older adults. It impacts on both mental and physical well-being. We are helping to alleviate by providing free Android tablets enabled with video calling apps to care homes. We have already been given a small number of devices from Huwai and we are currently fundraising through crowd to provide video calling for people cut off from their families.

We will purchase devices at cost or where possible we hope that manufacturers will offer some for free. We have budgeted £90 to buy, deliver and support video calling in each care home. Our aim is to raise enough money to provide devices for as many UK care homes as possible. If the costs are less per device then we will provide more tablets to more homes.

Music at the Point of Care

In addition to supplying the tablet devices, we are also offering our streaming music service, Blue Moon Radio, for free to users during the pandemic. Blue Moon Radio streams songs from the 1920s-60s, which are difficult to find elsewhere. Research has shown how memorable songs from earlier years can lift mood and improve well being.